Date: 2019-11-07

Asia- Oceania Federation of Organization for Medical Physics (AFOMP) constantly works with a great mission for the development of medical physics in the Asia-Oceania region. AFOMP policies cover the aspects for the cooperation and promotion among the medical physics organizations in the region by distinctly defining their roles, responsibilities, professional status, services, ethics etc. Many international, regional, conferences/meetings/courses/workshops are organized and/or sponsored/endorsed by AFOMP. Middle East Federation of Organizations of Medical Physics (MEFOMP) have become the member of AFOMP. To provide the quality education and clinical practice forthe patient benefit in this region, AFOMP has been trying its best efforts through modifying the policies, constitution, membership categories and its various kinds since its inception. During my tenure, I would like to continue the work of my precedence by using existing structure and to develop medical physics status in the underdeveloped region by promoting education, training and current research in this field. Prof. Dr. Hasin Anupama Azhari General Secretary, AFOMP